let it ride poker rules and instructions site   let it ride poker rules and instructions site let it ride poker rules and instructions site let it ride poker rules and instructions site  

let it ride poker rules and instructions

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let it ride poker rules and instructions site
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Let It Ride Poker rules and instructions

Let It Ride rules

The objective of the Let It Ride game is to obtain as good a hand as possible: pair of 10's as a minimum and Royal Flush as a maximum. The game is concerning to the so-called stud pokers in which players receive face down cards and face up cards. There are no rivals in the game, so only player's personal result is important. (If you are familiar with the Let It Ride rules, you can skip the next chapter and read the Let It Ride instructions to the virtual play mode only).

Let It Ride Rules

A standard 52-cards deck is used and before each hand is reshuffled. The game begins with the player making three equal bets. Notice that in Let It Ride the player could not raise the bets only to lower them. During the hand it is allowed to get one or two bets back. However as much money will be on the table by the end of a game the larger winning will be (it is paid according to the payout table on the each remaining bet).

Letís get back to the moment when the bets have just made, the game began and the cards are dealing. Three of them go to the player and two are placed face down as the community cards. When estimated the chances of making the poker hand from the cards and still unknown community cards given, the player should decide what to do with the bets: to withdraw one or to keep it on the table.

When the player completes his turn the dealer opens one of the community cards. Now the player should take one more decision: to remove one bet or just continue the game without any changes. When he decides what to do the dealer open the second card from the community cards. If the poker hand appears from all of the cards given, the player is given back the bets rested and the wins on each of them (see the paytable below).

The side bet. The player could make the additional bet in $1. If he gets any poker hand, except for the lowest one, he will be paid (apart from the winnings) from $6 to $20,000.

Name Description Raise payouts Bonus payouts
Royal flush

Let It Ride - Royal Flush
The highest poker combination is 5 cards of the same suit (Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10).
1,000 to 1
Straight flush

Let It Ride - Straight Flush
5 cards of the same suit in sequence.
200 to 1
Four of a kind

Let It Ride - Four of a Kind
4 cards of the same denomination (e.g. four tens).
50 to 1
Full house

Let It Ride - Full House
3 cards of the same denomination, and 2 cards of another denomination (e.g.: 3 Kings and 2 sixes).
11 to 1

Let It Ride - Flush
5 cards of same suit.
8 to 1

Let It Ride - Straight

5 of any suit in sequence (e.g. 8-9-10-Jack-Queen). Ace can be either the highest (Ace-King-Queen-Jack-10), or the lowest card in the combination (5-4-3-2-A). Combination with Ace between the cards (4-3-2-Ace-King) is not considered as Straight.
5 to 1
Three of a kind

Let It Ride - Three of a Kind
3 cards of the same denomination, and any two other cards (e.g.: 3 sixes).
3 to 1
Two pairs

Let It Ride - Two Pairs
Two pairs of cards of the same denomination (e.g.: 2 sixes and 2 tens).
2 to 1
One pair - 10's or better

Let It Ride - Pair
A pair of cards of the same denomination - from 10s to Aces (e.g. 2 Jacks).
1 to 1

Let It Ride Instructions

  1. Let It Ride - Betting spotsTo begin the game, choose the value of the chips for your bets. To do that, click on the one of the appropriate chip placed in the lower right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on the central trapezoid field. Every new click will increase the bet by the amount of the chip selected (if you would like you may change the chip value as many times as you want it).
  3. If you would like to make a side bet in $1 just click the field marked with "B" (means Bonus).
  4. If you somehow do not like the bets you've already placed, press Clear Bets, or holding the space key, click on the chips. In that way you can remove the bets from the table one by one.
  5. Push the Deal button - the cards will be dealt. The buttons Let It Ride and Pull Bet will appear on the screen.
  6. When you have evaluated your chance to make a poker hand from your cards and the community cards, push one of the two buttons:
    • Let It Ride. To proceed the game without any bets changing.
    • Pull Bet. To proceed the game removing one of the bets.
  7. The dealer opens the first of the community cards.
  8. Choose once again: Let It Ride or Pull Bet.
  9. The dealer opens the second of the community cards. In case if your cards and the open community cards are formed the poker hand you will get the bets remained plus the win on each of them.
  10. After the round end you may push the Rebet button to place the same bets as you did the last round.
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let it ride poker rules and instructions site
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